Full or Part Time Animal Husbandry Position

Cybrexa is seeking an independent and self-motivated full time or part time lab technician to assist in mouse and rat animal husbandry and general lab maintenance.

Essential Job Functions and Duties

As a Lab Technician, this position will provide routine care to a small rodent colony including feeding and watering, monitoring vivarium environmental conditions and maintaining general sanitization of the vivarium, observing daily appearances and behaviors of experimental animals, assisting with dosing and collection of blood and other tissues, performing rodent euthanasia services according to established standards and practices and performing other duties as assigned.


The candidate should be capable of performing basic animal care and laboratory duties with guidance, and effective verbal and written communication capabilities.

In Vivo Research Scientist

Cybrexa is seeking a self-motivated, energetic and creative biologist with hands-on experience in rodent in vivo experimentation to take part in the development of novel therapeutics in oncology and report to the biology manager.

 Essential Job Functions and Duties

 As a Research Scientist, this position will provide in vivo support for the development and characterization of small molecules. This will involve leading efficacy and PK/PD studies in mouse tumor models of cancer as well as catheterized rats.  The Candidate should have extensive experience in performing pharmacology experiments to aid in the design of pre-clinical studies.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Experience handling and dosing rodents for PK/PD/efficacy experiments
  • Experience developing, troubleshooting and validating in vivo assays
  • Ability to multitask, document and organize studies in an electronic notebook, and effectively communicate experimental results at meetings
  • Ability to collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of scientists


The candidate should have a BS/MS degree with 5+ years of industry experience in biological sciences, with demonstrated scientific excellence. Previous experience in working drug discovery programs to develop compounds from the pre-clinical to the clinical setting would be preferred but not required.