Scientist, Biology and Analytical Chemistry

We are seeking an Analytical Chemist for Small Molecule Assay Development and Analysis.

Essential Job Functions and Duties

The successful candidate will develop HPLC and mass spectrometry assays, analyze samples and interpret results for analytical development and characterization of small molecule, some containing protein and other excipients, to support the profiling of new drug and early stage formulation development activities. In addition, the candidate’s ability to perform and work with pharmacology scientists will be beneficial. The Candidate should have extensive experience the design of pre-clinical studies. The Candidate responsibilities will include the following work:

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Establish protocols for in vitro experiments, collaborate with colleagues and perform analytical testing of candidate compounds
  • Apply scientific expertise and drug discovery experience to impact existing and future new drug candidate identification
  • Maintain a ‘cutting edge’ awareness of technical developments and scientific knowledge.
  • Conduct studies to increase confidence in rationale for new approaches, and hence support new idea generation and clinical proof of concept studies.
  • Provide in vitro experimental support
  • Ability to perform/assist in in vivo pharmacology experiments would be preferred but not required
  • Prepare written reports and present scientific data at appropriate scientific meetings (internal and external).


The candidate should have at least a BS/MS degree in biology with at least 2 years of experience of industry experience in biological sciences or biochemistry, with demonstrated scientific excellence. Previous experience in working on drug discovery programs to develop compounds from the pre-clinical to the clinical setting would be preferred but not required.